Our Factory
Quality for Fashion

FGF provides leather accessories for Luxury Brands. Our goal is to provide our customers quality products, service and speed of execution. Starting from customer's ideas and designs we study the perfect solution for industrialization and production. The Technical Department is our Factory's heart: we strongly believe in technology and we keep updating our machinery to stay vanguard. It is here where we create molds, which will be passed to our internal Casting Department for production. Thanks to the usage of nearby suppliers we are able to control the production workflow strictly close and finish it for the final step: the goods are checked into our internal unit of Quality and Packaging before the shipping.

FGF and quality
Starting from 2013 FGF assumed responsibility to keep under control environmental impact, strictly controlling all the aspects of our productive activity.
In 2014 starts our Social Accountability. The importance of controlling Customers and Suppliers under an ethic point of view is growing more and more: our diligence grows at the same time.
FGF is aware of the importance of protecting the environment and the people, in the context of its business activities within the company as well as in their own sphere of influence.