FGF is aware of the importance of protecting the environment and people within its business activities, both within the company and in its sphere of influence.


The company has its headquarters in San Piero a Sieve, a few kilometres from Florence, a fashion and creativity hub. FGF was founded in 1990 by taking over the equipment of a craft business that at the time had only a small galvanic plant and a not so enviable reputation. A company to be rebuilt... a big bet. During these years, the entrepreneurial efforts have been directed to create a completely autonomous productive reality, up-to-date with technological evolution and fashion. In little more than a decade, FGF has grown at a fast pace and has become a small industry, a synthesis between the most skilled craftsmanship and the most modern production technology.

Social policy for FGF represents: Increased consumer confidence, improved relations with social institutions and organisations. A control of ethics and social fairness in the supply chain. An improvement in the company climate: workers feel protected by the company in which they work and are more involved in achieving the objectives. An improvement in internal and external communication, through publicly available reports. The company also provides a completely anonymous online complaint reporting system. For further details, please refer to our Reports and Complaints Management procedure. The SA8000 standards and the guidelines are available on the SAI website.



Download the latest document containing the organizational chart of FGF Srl, approved 11th November 2019.



The preparation of the Code of Ethics is part of a process that began in 2011, with the implementation of its Environmental Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001 and the implementation of Social Management System (in accordance with SA 8000) started in 2012. The Code of Ethics is to establish the principles, values ​​and behaviors that should govern the conduct of daily activity of FGF. Therefore, this document is an expression of the core values ​​of our company and is a reference point for all decision-making.



In the business world, in recent years, questions of the environment, ethics, fairness, responsibility, transparency and respect for human rights have increasingly affected the economy and social systems, while at the same time the role of all stakeholders (institutions, workers, suppliers, customers, associations, trade unions, etc.) has increased within companies themselves. More and more companies, therefore, decide to assert their social responsibility and gain legitimacy to operate within the contexts in which they are present, through the implementation of specific ethical/social management tools such as ethical codes, social and environmental reports and the related certifications. The theme of corporate social responsibility has always been, for FGF S.r.l., together with that of environmental responsibility, a primary need that is taken into strong consideration when establishing its economic policies.